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Teacher Maddy

Having the opportunity to work in SMARTER and experience being involved with this organisation has opened my eyes many aspects of how to effectively support individuals with different abilities specifically Autism. Understanding, observing and using the simple low-technology devices implemented at SMARTER and the range of programs provided to help facilitate and support the individuals who attend the centre growth and development was incredible. Many valuable lessons and growth of my own knowledge and skills occurred during my time at SMARTER through learning about these devices, approaches and programs to effectively support individuals with Autism and empower them to be independent and contribute to their community. Something I found inspiring about SMARTER was the close knitted community between the staff and families of individuals who attend the centre. I can say that I have never seen such as connected and collaborative environment where all individuals are so passionate and motivated to help these individuals prosper and succeed in life. The training provided to us Flinders University students’ prior to working in the centres gave us a sense of the centres philosophy, vision and knowledge that assists to provide effective support to all individuals and be successful professionals in the field. The staff at SMARTER are remarkable as they are so dedicated, knowledgeable and their ability to create loving and supportive relationships and environments is astounding which was evident from day one of being at the organisation. Many valuable skills and experiences have been gained from being involved in and undertaking placement at SMATER, which I cannot wait to utilise and apply to help the future individuals I will support. Being able to have the opportunity to attend SMARTER’s camp and taking out students for an outing at the famous Brunei fast-food restaurant Jollibee are definitely fond memories. I would like to say thank you to all the staff and individuals apart of the SMARTER community for teaching me many valuable lessons, guiding and supporting me and welcoming me and all of the Flinders university students with open arms I am truly grateful.

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