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The mission of SMARTER Brunei is to provide close collaboration and working together with the parents, families, therapists and other professionals will help the children develop their fullest potential thus inspiring to SMARTER’s Motto of “Optimum Stimulation for Maximum Development.”y members EXCLUSIVELY FOR AUTISM from CHILDHOOD TO OLD AGE in a Seamless Journey to Interdependent
Welcome to SMARTER Brunei
SMARTER Brunei is a sanctuary, a G.I.F.T. centre where they can be themselves, where we provide a S.A.F.E. environment for our individuals with Autism to have an E.D.G.E. to their P.A.T.H.S. of L.I.F.E. It is a garden of E.D.E.N. and i made a P.L.E.D.G.E. to give our PWA a S.M.I.L.E. with DIGNITY.

Who is SMARTER Brunei?

A Family Support Group

A society run by parents and family members for parents and family members EXCLUSIVELY FOR AUTISM

from CHILDHOOD TO OLD AGE in a Seamless Journey To Interdependent

Advocacy for the RIGHT OF A CHILD

A B.R.I.D.G.E. to IWAS's

President's Message

The PEST needs to be turned into PETS that is the needs to implement the Convention for the Rights of Persons with Different Abilities, that is Projecting a positive image with respect, Educating everyone, starting with the family, Training all of those involved, Skill development for the person living with autism, their family and their community, by respecting and giving them F.A.C.E. that is to be more Facilitating (flexible), Accepting, Collaborating and Embracing them into society.

Thank you and Welcome to our website and for your continuous supports, SMARTER Brunei as a family support group for Brunei wish to share our philosophy and strategies in Understanding and managing Autism as well as caring for our IWA.

​AUTISM AWARENESS without ACCEPTANCE is our biggest Challenge, Obstacle, Set back and Threat (C.O.S.T) faced by IWAs and Family members as well as SMARTER. With acceptance, APPROPRIATE ACTION PLAN will follow which can turn the P.E.S.T that is limited Political will to advocate their rights, Economic and Educational  constraints, Social indifference and injustice and lastly minimal Technical infrastructure into a STEP in the right direction of Social acceptance, Technical support, Economic and Educational Support, and finally, Political commitment.

To PROTECT all individual member with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their family members from BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, ABUSED AND/OR EXPLOITED FOR MONETARY GAINS from individuals, groups of people, institutions, companies, corporate, business entitles, the press or otherwise.


Rayyan, 7


Kenzo, 7


Before we start, let me introduce myself and our family, I'm the father of Rayyan, Haji Mohammad Nizam Haji Abdullah and my wife.....

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There was a scream. Everyone outside the play area of McDonald's had stopped eating and peeked in to see what was the.......

T. Mar

I started in SMARTER as an intern on 9th January 2012, for duration of 12 weeks. My first week in SMARTER was abit hectic.......

T. Marvee

I could still remember my first day at SMARTER where I didn't have any slightest idea what's going on inside the centre...



Coming over from Australia, I didn ’t know what to expect but immed -iately learnt that SMARTER is mor e than just an organisation...

Having the opportunity to work in SMARTER and experience bei -ng involved with this organisati -on has opened my eyes...

To SUPPORT the individual member with ASD and their family members in the form of Social, Training, Education and psychological in short S.T.E.P.


It was April 2013 when experts in CDC told us that our daughter, Syakirah was diagnosed with ASD....

For the past few months, there seem to be a lot of improvements for Darwishsyah especially...

Danial, 7


Darwishshah 12


Parents and Students
Teachers and Volunteers

T. Kayla

T. Maddy


Assalamulaikum Greetings to all

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