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1.5.15. was a momentous date for SMARTER Brunei, it was the moment wherein we are put on the map as a World Class Autism Centre. It was the time we have to say goodbye to SMARTER Brunei ASD in Sengkurong and say hello to SMARTER Autism E.D.G.E. Centre in Matamata.


The thought of transferring to another place was really nerve racking for all of us; from the staff, the parents and most especially our Individuals with Autism (IWAs). Our world was used to revolving in Sengkurong. Even though it was old and needed major renovation, we still loved our centre. It’s been our home for the past 11 years. We’ve witnessed and watched our students grew and developed into fine young IWA’s. But we have to move on and look forward to a brighter future for our IWA’s in a place where we can say our own. A more permanent and stable place which we can call our new home and that we can be proud of.

With the transfer, it took a few months for our students to adjust with the new building, the new classrooms, the different areas of the centre and most especially the new sensory area which our IWA’s really loved. As we all know, it is their haven; their sanctuary wherein they can enjoy, have fun and be themselves. The new sensory area, located in the middle of the building, is more accessible for our kids which makes it easier for them to play and at the same time relax and calm down whenever they want or feel the need to use it. There are more and bigger rooms now to accommodate more students, more areas for learning like the Speech training, Fine motor & mini Library room, the Play Skills room, our music room, sensory resource room.


Now our IWA’s has settled down; they are enjoying and having fun learning in each day that they go to the centre.


It has been a blessing ever since we have moved to Matamata because everything has been put into place. Firstly, we changed our name to SMARTER Autism EDGE Centre which is more appealing here and abroad. It is also a perfect name because it matches our innovations and creativeness in terms of implementing the programme for our IWAs which our founder and President, Malai Hj Abdullah Bin Malai Hj Othman, has developed and established. Secondly, kind hearted sponsors from different government and private institutions has helped us built a new building that was purposely built and designed to address the IWAs specific and different  needs. Also, various affiliations from different government offices, local and international universities and private individuals has been established as they initiated attending workshops and seminars to learn techniques and strategies in teaching IWA’s using  the SMARTER way.

Lastly, this is the time to thank the following companies, organizations and private individuals who has helped SMARTER Autism EDGE Centre in becoming a reality for our IWA’s and their families. Namely, the Ministry of Health for providing us a bigger area to build our new home; LSL Sdn Bhd for ensuring its design construction to be an Autism friendly building; Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation for sponsoring 5 classrooms; Syarikat Perniagaan Malar Setia, Insurance Islam Taib, DST, D’ Sunlit Sdh Bhd and Kingston Beverage and Creamery Sdn Bhd and two generous and anonymous donors for each of their  generous support of sponsoring one classroom and Great Eastern Life Brunei for building the swimming pool, the sand pit and garden area for our IWA’s.

edge opening

Jollibee Brunei supports SMARTER Brunei donations boxex 2016-2017

Jollibee has been a well-loved brand in Brunei for 28 years. Entrek (B) Sdn Bhd. Jollinee Brunei, catered the mainstream market as our customer base is composed of 80% locals or Bruneian. It is a company that values FAMILY. The company focuses on the importance of family values, making Jollibee a growing international QSR player. Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the brand’s values also reflect on our advertising and marketing. Jollibee has been very active in supporting and promting Government and NGO projects that would benefit citizens of Brunei SMARTER Brunei, especially the parents and family members of our Individuals With Autism (IWAs), expresses our deepest appreciation, gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the management of Entrek (B) Sdn Bhd for the successful fundraising campaign through setting up donation boxes in all of the 14 branches of Jollibee in Brunei Darussalam . This was initially launched during the 9th World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) Celebration last 2nd April 2016. In 2016, the said fundraising campaign which run for 9 months from 2nd April to 31st December 2016 managed to collect THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED ELEVEN DOLLARS AND NINETY FOUR CENTS (B$34,511.94). It has shown the generous support and contribution from all the Jollibee customers which has tremendously benefited and assisted SMARTER financially in running the 3 centres for 110 IWAs. Because of this remarkable response from the community and Jollibee Brunei’s outstanding support, it was once again decided to put up the donation boxes in the 14 branches commencing last 2nd April 2017 during the 10th World Autism Awareness Day Celebration which hopefully would be extended until the end of this year.

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